Conservation Problem

 Today, 1,200 bird species face extinction and there are 190 classified as Critically Endangered. If we don’t act now, we could lose them within 10 years. Birds are now facing a wider range of threats than ever before, almost entirely as a result of human activity. Being widespread, well studied, and highly responsive to environmental change, birds are very valuable indicators of the health of the natural world. They tell us what is happening to everything else. If birds go extinct so will many other species.

Project Activities

SOS - Save Our Species supported twenty BirdLife PEP projects across four continents for Critically Endangered birds.

By involving local experts and organizations as BirdLife Species Guardians we made sure we work with those best placed to take the action needed to rescue these species from the brink. Projects were developed by Species Guardians in collaboration with regional and global scientists to insure the latest techniques and best practice conservation solutions are used to maximize success. All projects were developed to actively engage with local people. This insured that long after the projects end, our legacy will be sustainable conservation provided by an aware and empowered local community.

Project Outcomes

While every species is unique and faces a suite of different threats, all projects had one simple objective - to save otherwise condemned birds from extinction. By supporting these species SOS - Save Our Species ensured that each one is given a fighting chance of survival.


  • SOS, Birdlife International
    Record flock of migrating Sociable Lapwings recorded in Kazakhstan
    A SOS-funded project team of BirdLife International scientists monitoring migrating Sociable Lapwings in the heart of the Great Steppe have recently discovered the largest single flock seen in Kazakhs...
  • BirdLife Intl, Preventing Extinctions, SOS
    Bird conservation in Brazil
    On April 15, 2011 a new protected area - The Costa Do Sol State Park - was created in Rio (Brazil), the only place worldwide for the Critically Endangered Restinga Antwren. The Restinga...
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