Conservation Problem

Angola’s central scarp forests are the key habitat of the Western Angola Endemic Bird Area (EBA). During times of conflict, many people fled to this area, looking for protection. Now the forest is quickly being destroyed and converted into agricultural land, putting at risk the survival of birds such as the Gabela Bush-shrike, Pulitzer's Longbill or Gabela Akalat.

Project activities

This SOS - Save Our Species project, implemented through the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), studied habitat preferences of threatened birds and human impacts on bird habitats at Kumbira. Point samples of birds and habitat structure were made in different habitat types and human communities were mapped and surveyed regarding natural resource use and agricultural practices. Recommendations for the establishment and management of a reserve were made and young Angolan biologists were trained in field skills.

Project staff measured bird abundance and habitat preference in 200 point counts in Kumbira forest, mapped all of the human settlements in the area, and undertook socio-conomic surveys of the local population.

Project Outcomes

This project aimed to ensure the long-term conservation of Kumbira Forest. The idea is to be able to create a nature reserve and, through different conservation strategies such as ecotourism and sustainable agriculture, be able to conserve threatened bird species. 

SOS - Save Our Species
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