Conservation Problem

The Philippine Cockatoo was once widespread and common throughout the Philippine archipelago. Mainly due to poaching and loss of lowland habitat, populations collapsed by the end of last century, which justified a listing as Critically Endangered by IUCN. Presently, only around 1,000 individuals may exist in the wild, most of them in the Palawan faunal region.

Project Activities

With the support of SOS - Save Our Species, the Katala Foundation (KFI) will be identifying and preparing suitable areas for the re-introduction of the Philippine Cockatoo within its historical range. Site selection will be a multi-stakeholder process and will include representatives of local communities and governments from potential sites, conservation agencies and experts from national NGOs.

In order for a re-introduction project to be successful, the causes for the local extinction have to be addressed well in advance. Poaching for the pet trade was identified as one leading cause threatening the species. If poachers or hunters should be present in the selected site, it will be attempted to recruit these into a wildlife warden scheme. In the past this strategy has turned out to be the most important conservation tool in project areas with existing remaining cockatoo populations.

Project Outcomes

The main goals of the project are to frame the conditions for the establishment of a self-sustaining population of Philippine Cockatoos in at least one newly created priority site within historical range and to finalize the participative planning process for another site (back-up site).

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