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This short film featuring three different SOS Grantees illustrates the benefits we are helping bring to threatened turtles, tigers and dolphins, their habitats and the communities that depend on those habitats in Bangladesh.


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SOS is a global coalition to conserve threatened species and their habitats. We work with the conservation community to carry out our SOS projects all over the world, granting funds to our conservation partner organizations. If you are interested in applying for a grant please check out our instructions at Projects / Apply for a grant.

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Karau Kuna, UN Equator Prize Winner
12A_34_05, Livelihoods Coordinator Ben Sipa and GIS Coordinator Karau Kuna with YUS Conservation Coffee,  Mark Ziembicki, SOS Save Our Species, SOS
"SOS has assisted the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program to work more closely with the landowners to set their priorities in land use plans. The plans should help take pressure off pristine ecosystems, allow sustainable use of ecosystem products and services, and enhance livelihood potential".
  • Saola rangers training
    Twenty-four more Saola rangers graduate from Wildlife Enforcement Training Course
    Protecting species and enforcing the law in countries where the capacity of government agencies is often limited, means that funding to assist local government to respond to this capacity need is crit...
  • SOS, Sinkhole Cycad
    Sinkhole Cycad Conservation Project Featured in Leading Botanical Journal
    The Sinkhole Cycad project made an important scientific finding – botanic garden conservation collections can help support cycad survival.  
  • Cycads South Africa
    Do you have a permit for that cycad in your garden?
    It’s not alarmist to say that South African cycads are in more trouble from the current scourge of poaching than are our rhinos, asserts SOS Grantee, Adam Pires. As Skills Development Programme Manag...
  • Kipunji monkey
    How vuvuzelas are helping foster coexistence between Kipunji monkeys and Tanzanian farmers
    The poor, Critically Endangered Kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji). So new to science, so close to extinction. And now, conservationists are encouraging locals to blast these monkeys with vuvuzelas!
  • sea turtle liberia
    Awareness campaign plays a key role in sea turtle conservation
    “All my life I have only known two different types of sea turtles in this area, these are the Soft Back and the Hard Back” said Benjamin Glassco, a veteran fisherman from Borgor Point, Liberia. “I wou...
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