Ways to give to SOS

You can support SOS in two ways:

  • Direct donation via the secure donation button above. When received, we will send you a thank you email and keep in touch sharing SOS news and updates regularly.


  • Purchase items from the SOS collection of children's apparel and accessories developed by our partner Coq En Pate below.

The gallery above shows some of the fresh and fun designs featured in the SOS Save Our Species collection by Coq En Pate (CEP).


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Through our partnership with CEP - a French ethical children's apparel designer, 3% of the purchase price on all products in the Save Our Species collection will be donated to SOS. 


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The impact of SOS funding

See what some of our grantees are working on in different projects across Bangladesh


Your support can make a difference

Species conservation work is an investment in the future of our own life support system.


By focusing on species - the building blocks of nature so to speak - the SOS approach aims to build resilience and sustainability from the ground up.


SOS species conservation benefits not just plants and animals threatened with extinction, but also their habitats and the communities who depend on both for their survival in one way or another.


So far we have helped protect 250 threatened species of plants and animals over 5 years managing 109 projects. As you know, much much more needs to be done to win the war on extinction.


By supporting SOS, your donations support targeted, evidenced-based species conservation priorities that can deliver impacts across a variety of situations and taxonomic groups.


When received, we will send you a thank you email and keep in touch sharing SOS news and updates regularly. Thank you!


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  • SOS - Save our Species; Lemurs Initiative; Young black and white ruffed lemur
    SOS Lemurs is a special initiative protecting more than 30 species of lemurs in Madagascar across 11 projects...and counting
  • William Winram, NEktos, SOS Save Our Species, IUCN
    SOS marine projects help protect many species of sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins
  • SOS - Save Our Species, Bangladesh,  Martin Ureta
    Working with local communities is critical to many species conservation projects.
  • Ann and Steve Toon, SOS Save Our Species, Freeland Foundation, Thailand, Thap Lan National Park
    Tackling illegal wildlife trade in plants and animals requires investment in people, equipment and policy among many other dimensions of a complex problem.
  • SOS - Save our Species, Terrapin turtles, WCS, TSA, 12A-031
    Ultimately SOS aims to increase the survival prospects of threatened species. Sometimes that involves releasing captive bred animals, sometimes it means improving habitat quality. Always it means hard work and many hours of it too!
  • 15A-075-019, Boy holding Sunda pangolin, ZSL Thailand CROPPED, SOS Save Our Species,
    A boy, a pangolin and a story of survival
    In April 2016, Aroon Sukjitdee, a Community Outreach Project Manager for IUCN Member and SOS project implementer the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), received a phone call from a local villager in ...
  • Cover 'Transboundary River Basins: Status and Trends'
    Key hotspots of species loss and water risks identified in new transboundary river basins report
    On 22 May the global community marked ‘International Biodiversity Day’, celebrating the variety of life on earth. Yet, extinction risks range from moderate to very high in 70% of transboundary river b...
  • 13A-060-016, South BDR patrol team_Team defining direction to a target point_SMART Patrol_Stephane smiling, Oliver Fankem_ZSL, SOS Save Our Species
    A day in the life of an eco-guard in Cameroon
    Daily challenges abound for Stéphane Marel Madjaye, one of the dedicated guards who protect the forest elephants, western lowland gorillas, pangolins and other wildlife in the Dja Biosphere Reserve fr...
  • SOS save Our species, Karau Kuna, Whitley Award,
    Tree Kangaroo conservationist wins prestigious Whitley Award
    In April 2016, Karau Kuna was one of two SOS Grantees who won the renowned Whitley Fund for Nature's Whitley Awards. Acknowledged for his passionate work strengthening biodiversity protection in the Y...
  • 11A-22-75, 1 Egg collection, 16 June 2015, by Nikolai Yakushev, SOS Save Our Species, Spoon-billed Sandpiper
    Giving Spoon-billed Sandpipers a head-start on the long journey back from the brink of extinction
    Marking World Migratory Bird Day 2016, Rebecca Lee of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), an SOS grantee, reflects on the transformation in survival prospects for this Critically Endangered and dim...
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