This short film gives an overview of what SOS does and the multiple benefits to communities and habitats of a species approach to nature conservation:



Turning Conservation Knowledge into Action with Impact

SOS - Save Our Species channels funds from donors to existing frontline conservation actors working to protect from extinction some of the world's most threatened species of plants and animals.


In parallel SOS comunicates about the successes, sharing stories and learnings with key stakeholders and the general public.


SOS does this because saving species is a universal cause. Nature is made up of species and nature is our life support system. Thus SOS communications aim to educate and inspire support for this cause.


In so doing, SOS represents one key step in the journey toward saving a species. That process begins with knowledge generated by scientists worldwide and registered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. It culminates in SOS identifying and selecting projects while overseeing their implementation to ensure conservation goals are achieved.


In between those steps, SOS harnesses the power of the largest network of species experts in the world - the IUCN Species Survival Commission to evaluate project applications on a voluntary basis. It also works closely with its partners to develop the initiative according to strategic priorities.


This makes for effective unbiased quality control and allows SOS to optimise conservation return on investment.




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    Jurgen Freund wins IUCN Bourse for Terre Sauvage Nature Image Awards 2015
    Ever seen anything cuter than a bunch of bats wrapped up like babies ready for nap-time at a bat hospital? Thanks to Terre Sauvage IUCN Bourse prize winner, Jurgen Freund, you can - via the wildlife a...
Did You Know: SOS has disbursed almost $10 million in grants over 5 years supporting 100 projects implemented by 60 NGOs and hundreds of people in 50 countries protecting 250 threatened species from extinction.
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